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musings from the blue chair


Susan Rea Caldwell is a busy retired person who has interests in many areas.

  • I am a Reiki Master/Teacher having been attuned since 1996 and hosting workshops since 1998!  It was love at first touch.
  • I am an Akashic Records consultant trained in 2006 through the program of Akashic Records Consultants International.  Occasionally I combine Reiki and a consult creating a session that allows for a deeper focus.
  • I became a labyrinth facilitator trained through Veriditas in 2007.
  • I am an author having published two novels.  Betty Rea is an embellishment of my grandmother’s life.  She was a strong, determined and innovative woman who worked her way through many trials.  Joseph’s Journey is a story I “heard” about the journey Joseph and Mary took from Nazareth to Bethlehem and the earth angels who came to their aid.  I also have published three manuals for the three levels of Reiki, In Touch with Reiki I, II and III for Master’s and Teachers.
  • I am in the process of publishing my short stories for Kindle readers.
  • I am a fabric artist.  I collage/layer fabrics and embellishments to create wall hangings, prayer flags and draw string bags.
  • I host various workshops in writing and creativity.  Mainly, I host workshops in Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way.  So far 17 or so.  But who’s counting.
  • I am the oldest sister of two siblings, a brother and sister.  I have two daughters and five grandchildren.
  • I graduated from Russell High School in 1967.  I earned my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Kentucky in 1992; my Master’s from Marshall University in Huntington, WV. in 1994.  (Slow learner or determined???)

Ummmm.  What else?  I am a gardener and an avid environmentalist and free thinker.  I plan to share with you Musings from the Blue Chair which is where I sit and write my morning pages and do lots of editing.  I am not a great speller or follower of grammar.  I love sentence fragments.

One exercise I have my Artist’s Way students do is to write 50 things about themselves.  I’ll give you a few more in addition to the ones above.  Oh come on, I really have listed some of them!  I am a redhead, a coffee drinker, a walker.  I grow African Violets and Christmas Cactus.  I somehow am attracted to the oddball quirky people.  You know who you are.  I believe there cannot be too many pairs of shoes in one’s closet.  No high heels grace my shoe rack anymore.  Although at one point in my life when I had three jobs I was a banquet waitress and wore these snappy black heels with my black pants and white shirt.  I danced disco in those shoes too!  That is way another story and era, isn’t it?

Maybe that’s list enough and the rest you can figure out if you decide to read my posts sometimes.  I am thinkin’ they will be short snippets of events or thoughts encompassing any one or all of the above areas and maybe more if I come upon something really fascinating.

Oh, and I make my own laundry soap. Which I saw for sale in a little market yesterday for $9.50 a gallon!  Really, you go girl.  It costs less than a dollar a gallon to make.  And it works.  And saves the environmental impact of all that manufacturing, shipping, ect.??  Saving the earth one gallon of laundry soap at a time!



3 responses to “About

  1. Great to meet you Susan… through yogaleigh… I loved your forgiveness post… IAM preparing to write a piece on my ancestors and it might be nice for others to follow through with their own thoughts… (in a couple of weeks you can check it out on my blog)… It would be nice to expand our friendship rings to include each other… take care Barbara


    • Great idea. I wrote a book about my Grandmother, Betty Rea, and several short stories about my other Grandmother, Hazel and have learned a lot about them by embellishing and expanding on their lives – becoming their characters.


  2. So lovely to meet you susan! I look forward to spending more time visiting.


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