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September 2nd

on September 2, 2018


My yard is a wonderland!  It is filled with many ways to support urban farming.  I have raised beds, aquaponics, even a Hugelkultuer bed and a small greenhouse.  It makes for tricky mowing.

I wonder, every time I plant, at seeds growing into edibles.  A tomato seed is tiny, so tiny and yet it grows with such abandon the rain barrel hides within it’s stalks and fruit.

I wonder at how quickly the weeds can grow, that the raspberry canes replant themselves!  A moon flower overtook the strawberry bed.  And violets take root anywhere!

How does a bean offer so many many pods?

I wonder, with not so much delight, at the colorful beetles that eat voraciously and nearly the invisible worms who also love their leafy green veggies.  And I try and dislike the white butterfly, such a beauty in flight but such a terror for the organic green leaves.

Butterflies, birds, bees continuously dance among the zinnia and cleome. Mosquitos await  savory skin.  Lightening bugs await darkness.

Squirrels and ‘possoms ignore the fence boundary.

Chickadees, cardinals and nuthatches love the lilac.  Wrens nest in the pink bird house. I often hear a hawk and sometimes an owl calls.

So dance little snap peas, tendrils of spinach, arugula fronds, peppers and beans, tomatoes at the end of your season.  Dance in your only partially tamed urban garden.  Dance these last hot and humid days marking the forthcoming change of season.

One response to “September 2nd

  1. Leslie Gallaher says:

    Got me moving! Can’t wait for the next one!


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