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musings from the blue chair


One summer there were five weddings in the family. I danced to this song many times.


If there was a problem……I’ll solve it!!!!

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Saturday – Is the song running through your head already?

What does Saturday mean to you? Chores? Sleeping in? Date night? Whatever your plans I hope you dance your way into them.

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JUST DANCE I’ve got this feelin in my body

Of course it’s Justin. Love this video. I’ve always wanted to dance with one of those dancing fan figures. I can hear my children saying, MOM!” (IS that a dress with carrots????)

Which dancer do you like best? I like the guy in the green shirt and the waitress has pure joy on her face. Well, and Bernie and the Barber shop….. no favorites.

Whatcha going to do with that sunshine in your pocket??? Put that sunshine all over your day.

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How dey do that?

What I like is the blending of the old and new.    Some one knows their musicals!

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The Electric Slide or The Dance Collision

I’ve never been great at following orders or reading the directions first. I’t venture to say it’s the sign of self-sabotage or, maybe, it’s outside the box thinking!
And because the whole left/right thing confounds me (slight dyslexia) I’ve been disruptive during the Electric Slide. I take my place on the sidelines and move in my own way.

FYI on Utube there are many instruction videos.  Who knew???

Have a lighthearted, happy day.


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Sept 4

To step away from the disco for a minute…What are you In the Mood for?  Going to be another hot humid say in KY.  I’m planning to finish the screen repair on my back porch, hang the laundry, pull a few weeds.

My friend Bobbi used to do her house work to the 40’s big Band music.

Notice also the women in high heels and must move backwards most of the time.  Just sayin”.

And the dances required a couple to work as a team with coordination and lots of practice.

Hoping you dance your way through your day today.


Dance 3

Sometimes one doesn’t need words. Sometimes the magic of the moment and how quickly the scene can change.


September 2nd


My yard is a wonderland!  It is filled with many ways to support urban farming.  I have raised beds, aquaponics, even a Hugelkultuer bed and a small greenhouse.  It makes for tricky mowing.

I wonder, every time I plant, at seeds growing into edibles.  A tomato seed is tiny, so tiny and yet it grows with such abandon the rain barrel hides within it’s stalks and fruit.

I wonder at how quickly the weeds can grow, that the raspberry canes replant themselves!  A moon flower overtook the strawberry bed.  And violets take root anywhere!

How does a bean offer so many many pods?

I wonder, with not so much delight, at the colorful beetles that eat voraciously and nearly the invisible worms who also love their leafy green veggies.  And I try and dislike the white butterfly, such a beauty in flight but such a terror for the organic green leaves.

Butterflies, birds, bees continuously dance among the zinnia and cleome. Mosquitos await  savory skin.  Lightening bugs await darkness.

Squirrels and ‘possoms ignore the fence boundary.

Chickadees, cardinals and nuthatches love the lilac.  Wrens nest in the pink bird house. I often hear a hawk and sometimes an owl calls.

So dance little snap peas, tendrils of spinach, arugula fronds, peppers and beans, tomatoes at the end of your season.  Dance in your only partially tamed urban garden.  Dance these last hot and humid days marking the forthcoming change of season.

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September – Welcome to My Birthday Month

There are so many birthdays in September! Holiday sex. On my 40th I was informed that my birthday was 9 months to the day from New Year’s Eve. I like to think I am the result of a celebration.
In light of the current dismal political atmosphere I am going to attempt to post happy songs this month. Maybe I’ll get less freaked out about the increase in birthdays. I know the alternative. At my age, I am certainly more aware of that. I am still in the 6th decade for another year.
So, dance with me into September. Move that body. Stretch. We have a choice.

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