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Help California — Plant something.

on May 4, 2015


Spring Garden

Spring Garden

We have no water shortage in Kentucky. Our global warming ramifications this year have been a bitter, cold end of winter; the most snow fall in decades, certainly all at once, 17”, and the wettest April on record, 6+ inches of rain in a 24 hour period was only one of the storms that pummeled us. The rains created a Spring of abundant green and lush lively colors.
And yet our neighbors in California are not so blessed. Due to political and environmental or non-environmental decisions of which I know enough to get myself in trouble, they have run the water table dry. What can we do? I say we can ease the effects of the drought in California by planting some of your own food this summer.
I love my garden and, I admit, it is somewhat in defiance that I plant a garden. Although I am retired and… isn’t that what retired people do, plant a garden to subsidize their food budget? Admitedly, that penny pinching has its rank. Yet, mostly, I like knowing where my food comes from and how it’s grown. And I like taking some of the responsibility for feeding myself. And, I love gardening. I love dirt under my fingernails. I love the nurturing part and watching those tough, tiny little seedlings grow into their fullness.
As you have seen from my posts, here and on Facebook, I am a back-to-the-earth, eat local, stop the chemicals in our food (plant and animal), and label the GMO’s (You do it for the European consumer – why not the American consumer?), kinda girl. I eat as much organic as I can afford. I buy meat from farmers who treat their livestock with love, respect and gratitude. And I grow as much as possible of my own food. Food independence.
It is a small yard we have converted to raised beds and a raspberry patch. I am happy to get dirt under my fingernails in order to walk to the back yard and pick healthy food to eat. Confession: the snap peas seldom make it into the house. We simply stand and eat our fill right out there in the garden! The spring pea seedlings are about 7 inches tall but have no blooms yet. We eagerly await them.
Or a tomato? The same way. Picking and eating a warm tomato, juice running down my hand? Ummm. Or parsley? A sprig freshens my mouth and my senses. AHHHH. Grow. Grow. Grow.
So, I suggest we give the earth a break until the Californians figure out what is more important swimming pools and green lawns and golf courses in the dessert or avocados and almond grown in the desert? In the interim, I suggest you plant something. Anything. Plant your favorite. I am not suggesting you do the O/C thing I have done and convert your whole yard, but there are many options. Containers? Easy to set up and take care of. Convenient. Have you seen those upside down hanging planters?
Maybe convert a bit of your flower garden to food. Lettuce is easy. Cabbage is fun to grow. So is broccoli. Brussel sprouts aren’t a top ten favorite of many but the plant is soooo cool with little sprouts at every leaf up the stem? A tomato is simple to grow and the extras you pop into a freezer bag and then dump it into your chili in November. No need to even take off the skins. The skins will loosen up and rise to the top of whatever you are cooking.
Oh, and herbs? Mix them in with your flowers. Dill is a lovely plant. Basil? Delicious and a fabulous shade of green with a heavenly smell. Parsley is a beautiful plant. Peppers aren’t difficult. In fact, two years ago I let a pepper plant sit and dry out; the red peppers stayed attached to the plant, and I used it for my Christmas tree.
Oh, and I just bought a carton of worms. Yep. Worms from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. Found it on the internet, of course. That’s how big a gardening nerd I am. Red wigglies for my compost. Yep, I’m in as far as I can go here in the middle of town. There’s a law against having chickens I the city limits or maybe, I’d have chickens. Just now my only wildlife are the blasted squirrels who think I plant stuff for them and this little guy who lived under the wood pile until I brought in the last log to burn in the wood stove.2015-05-01 11.13.51
So, If you haven’t already, take the plunge. Buy a plant, love it and then feast on it. It will be grateful to share it’s nutrients with you.
Here’s to healthy food and dirty fingernails.

10 responses to “Help California — Plant something.

  1. Sad to say we are late in starting a garden this year.

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  2. Leslie says:

    Love the fresh veggies ( except the tomatoes) but hate the work. Farmers’ markets are made for people like me.

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  3. Sherry says:

    I am afraid I an like Leslie, except I love the tomatoes. Besides, I have too little sun for a garden. I can grow big trees.

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    • Fascinating article. Who knew?? And while I don’t think I can go completely vegan but I have cut way back on eating meat. Especially meat at restaurants. I know where the meat in my freezer comes from.
      So here’s to more and more veggies. Green planet. Green veggies!!
      I am proud of you, Sara for living your beliefs with all of the difficulties it presents. Particularly in this area where vegan food is not readily available. Proud !


  4. Sara Lane says:

    And you have a excellent garden! Noah and I love going shopping out there. (:

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