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Even Heroes Feel Weak

on March 19, 2015

sky rope (subterranean rappel)

business as usual - March 18, 2015s

author’s note:

We don’t have enough nervous heroes in movies and TV.


We enjoy the fantasy of cataclysm:

we thrill to imagine
some unimaginable event
that would have the world’s populace
running willy-nilly, with arms flailing
through streets that roll and sway
under the rush weight of panic.

But in this scene, we can live
a grander reality—

hero and heroine can stand strong
amid the burl of fire and storm…

in the ashes of the aftermath
we can gaze upward toward
the hope of a new sun.

Compared to that big dream
this mundane life seems so paltry…

but it shouldn’t

because, in our world
the hell of disaster
found its match
long ago

and has raged ever since:

in this constant inferno
we run willy-nilly—
trying to outdistance
obsessive human fear

and in the process
we destroy our streets—
our countries.

An apocalypse!—

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