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The Book of Life

on February 6, 2015

My dear friend Kim. Her second blog post. Aren’t her words beautiful?

Spirit Writer


This post is about something near and dear to my heart, the Akashic Records. I know, your first response is, “The what?” Well, I said the Akashic Records. They are from the Bible, mentioned in nineteen places I have found so far, and they are basically known as the Book of Life. In the words of my teacher, they are the record of every thought, word and deed we all have had since our soul’s inception. Some, such as Edgar Cayce’s ARE CEO Kevin Todeschi, describe the Records as being a part of the ether we exist in, and which exists in us. They are so vast that I have had to learn to think of them in simpler terms. To me, they are the records on the Other Side, if you will, of us, and they have Record Keepers who tend to them and communicate with us about…

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