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What if there are no limits?

Doll series - created by Susan Rea Caldwell


In my meditation class last week I was given the message – There are no limits.
Consider that.
So in my ruminations about that I came up with a prayer.  Let me say that I like to be all inclusive in my prayers!  Once while driving a friend and I played prayer!  We blessed things like everyone in the world who was wearing blue jeans – and everyone who was not.  We blessed everyone who was born in January and everyone who was not.  It went on and on for miles!  (This may be a statement that gives me points in the, “You are so weird,” category.  And you are posting this for the world to see!!! Oh, well.)
So, in my journaling, I asked that all the gloves in the world brought warm, healing power.
And that every time someone donned a hat they felt spiritual connection.
So then, what if all the shoes put on this morning brought connection with the earth and awareness of the life, beauty and living relationship with her?
What if everyone’s clothing brought with it a sense of protection and supported a strong knowing of the true self?
But I quickly realized this material aspect of this endeavor created an outside need.  A need for gloves, hats, shoes and/or clothing which would create limits because one person would have a silver hat and another a ball cap. And then, consider the issues of so many kinds of shoes!! One of my particular joys.
So, it all comes down to what I/we create inside, without anything outside of ourselves. How do our thoughts support our physical, emotional and spiritual self? And from which area do I listen and follow? The spiritual? The emotional? Or do I keep a nice balance.
So what if there are no limits? What can I accomplish if my mind, body, emotion, spirit connection works in sync to bring to me what I truly desire?
Which brings me to: “What do I truly desire?”
What do you truly desire?

Blessed is one of a series of dolls I am creating out of fabric, trim, yarn, earrings, bracelet pieces, and on and on!  I aspire to creating 20 of them.  And since there are no limits, I guess I can make an infinite number!!! Because there are no limits as to time or pieces of stuff to work with or ideas.  Hummm.  Let’s make some dolls today!

Blessed is 8″ x 11 1/2″ wall hanging, created from a piece of vintage wool, trim, yarn, pins, earrings, beads and bracelet pieces.  $50.


The Book of Life

My dear friend Kim. Her second blog post. Aren’t her words beautiful?

Spirit Writer


This post is about something near and dear to my heart, the Akashic Records. I know, your first response is, “The what?” Well, I said the Akashic Records. They are from the Bible, mentioned in nineteen places I have found so far, and they are basically known as the Book of Life. In the words of my teacher, they are the record of every thought, word and deed we all have had since our soul’s inception. Some, such as Edgar Cayce’s ARE CEO Kevin Todeschi, describe the Records as being a part of the ether we exist in, and which exists in us. They are so vast that I have had to learn to think of them in simpler terms. To me, they are the records on the Other Side, if you will, of us, and they have Record Keepers who tend to them and communicate with us about…

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