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on January 12, 2015


Celtic Knot - fabric collage wall hanging with vintage fabric and embellishments

Celtic Knot – fabric collage wall hanging with vintage fabric and embellishments



Sifting through a pile of papers I had every intention of sorting through and find a place for (the trash?) I uncovered this short story rewritten and ready to publish. Obviously Thanksgiving and Christmas got in the way of this process!
This makes 11 short stories and makes me happy. A nice, comfortable sense of accomplishment, I feel.
I could write about buried treasures and support coming in surprise packages. I could write about preparatory work not going without reward. I could write about unfinished projects and/or procrastination. But, I think I will just say. YES! in sincere gratitude. A surprise, bonus check mark.
I love checking things off my list. Sometimes I write on the list – write list – and then I have an automatic check mark. Maybe I didn’t get enough check marks in school. So, now, I give them to myself. Oh, and the pile is still a pile stuck in a very unobtrusive spot!I don’t even want to go through it so I am not even going to put – go through pile of papers – on my list.  So there ya have it!

The Celtic Knot Piece is the result of two very generous gifts of fabric to me from very different sources.  The fabric is vintage wool that is soft and beautiful.  The other pieces are a rich cotton.  Buttons and beads and yarn embellish.

I’ve been so productive!

7 responses to “Bonus!

  1. litebeing says:

    love the celtic knot and share your excitement about your ” bonus”.

    BTW, you say that you work with the akashic records. Do you blog about this anywhere? Just curious.


    • Thank you! Yes, I am an Akashic Records consultant.

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      • litebeing says:

        so where can I find some articles about Akashic records?
        please lead me in the right direction..



      • I am trained through Akashic Records International. I pulled up Akashic Records on the web and found many beautiful articles about it.
        The Akasha is the records of your soul’s journey since it’s inception. The Keepers of your records are a part of your Spirit Family. To do a consult, a sacred prayer is said and the consultant “hears” the Record keepers. The one inquiring asks questions and the consultant gives the answers they hear. So a discussion can take place using the knowledge of all of the previous lives and events/issues/concerns etc. It is a fascinating and informative way to open and examine certain behaviors and ideas and patterns or to get direction based on individual traits.
        Does this help? The consults can be done via phone or in person. The Record keepers are my guides and a strong presence with my own intuition and knowing.


      • litebeing says:

        thank you

        I thought perhaps you blogged on your experiences, confidentially of course, I am not looking for the service, just wanted to read some reputable articles. If you have some advise, I would like some links.

        thanks again 🙂


  2. kimdmccarty says:

    You make me look at fabric in a whole new way.


    • People give me stuff. I have to use it. This is wool from a dress. It’s so sort and the colors are remarkable. They don’t show well in the picture =- neither do the buttons, really.


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