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The Gift of the Sun Goddess

Sun Goddess

The Sun Goddess grew as a result of human generosity, compassion and my imagination.

The fabric pieces were gifted to me by a complete stranger at the Victory of Light show in Cincinnati in November. A gentleman came into the booth and began to look up close and personal at the fabric collage pieces I had for sale. This guy really looked. Rare for a man to examine the stitching and the embellishments and feel the fabric. Rare for a man to be so involved and interested in the structure and the composition. We chatted for a minute. He left the booth. He then returned and chatted again about where I get my materials and ideas. Seems he is a costume designer! And someone had only recently gifted him with a bag of fabric for which he was grateful and which he knew he was not going to utilize and the bag was still in his car and he had too many unfinished projects in the queue. He asked, “Would you like this bag of fabric?” And I said, “Yes!”

The orange earring is a gift from my brother-in-law, Dave, who works for an apartment owner doing repairs, restoration and spiffing up when a tenant vacates. This particular tenant apparently left very abruptly because she left behind piles of personal belongings. Among the leavings were a hundred or so pairs of big dangly earrings and a bunch of necklaces. He gathered them into a box and brought them to me. They smelled badly of cigarettes and unhappiness. I looked through them wondering, “I don’t know about this stuff.” I laid all the pieces out on the picnic table in the back yard to cleanse in the sunlight for 4-5 days. And the things began to take on as aspect of possibility. Although some of it I tossed, some I kept and the orange oval earring – presto, change – a halo!

The sheet music was part of my Aunt Janet’s collection. She and her mother were accomplished pianists. I have a stack of sheet music with her notes and comments on it. The story is that her mother would start dinner and have it nearly ready when her father came home from the office. He would have a cocktail while she played a piano piece for him and then dinner was ready and they ate!

The wings are really old hinges. They came as a part of a much larger gift from a woman who had more stuff than nearly anybody! She and her husband travelled and collected and shared a lovely life together. My partner became her Mr. Fix-it after her husband passed. He did repairs from changing light bulbs to tiling the bathroom floor and wiring lamps. We would take dinner and talk and share stories. A dear friend. She had the greatest greenhouse full of every color geranium. One Saturday we helped her clean out the tool room and ended up bringing home all sorts of hardware. Nails and screws of many sizes. Picture hangers, wire, and, yep, hinges!

The sun’s face is a hematite. A hematite is a beautiful, smooth, shiny stone used for grounding, stabilization and protection. It’s heavy and solid. While I am not completely certain, most of the arrows point to this being a gift from Wendy Sue, whom I lovingly call my personal shopper. I am sure this piece was a necklace. Wendy Sue can zero in on a bargain from across town. Like a heat seeking missile searching its target. She finds beads, jewelry, lace and fabric. Clothing, shoes. The treasure list is long. Most currently she presents me with a big box of trim samples like for pillows or curtains and tiebacks.
Some might call it excessive or even silly, but Wendy and I can dally through a box of “stuff” admire its quality and workmanship and…and… for a long time. Then she gifts whatever it is to me and I have to find something to do with it! Well, the trim piece becomes: tada, a Sun Goddess body! Who knew!

My Sun Goddess is carrying a pail from which she will pour her blessings.

My blessings within this piece are the result of saying thank you to the many gifts I receive from many, many people. And for the gift of this time in my life wherein I can explore and grow more fully my creative uniqueness. And – believe me, I am continually surprised with the things I end up with.

Receiving the creative piece is just like receiving the material gifts. It’s saying “YES.” It’s being open to the Universal flow. And the flow comes in many packages be it fabric, whats-its or ideas! And the flow? Call it God, call it Creator. Call it the Universe or Source. However you relate to it – Call on it. It is yours for the asking and receiving. It is you, a more fully examined you. I hope you will claim yours.

I did. I am. And it’s fun and it just makes me happy.

And I’ve been humming this song the whole time I’ve been working on this blog.  So, enjoy…




Celtic Knot - fabric collage wall hanging with vintage fabric and embellishments

Celtic Knot – fabric collage wall hanging with vintage fabric and embellishments



Sifting through a pile of papers I had every intention of sorting through and find a place for (the trash?) I uncovered this short story rewritten and ready to publish. Obviously Thanksgiving and Christmas got in the way of this process!
This makes 11 short stories and makes me happy. A nice, comfortable sense of accomplishment, I feel.
I could write about buried treasures and support coming in surprise packages. I could write about preparatory work not going without reward. I could write about unfinished projects and/or procrastination. But, I think I will just say. YES! in sincere gratitude. A surprise, bonus check mark.
I love checking things off my list. Sometimes I write on the list – write list – and then I have an automatic check mark. Maybe I didn’t get enough check marks in school. So, now, I give them to myself. Oh, and the pile is still a pile stuck in a very unobtrusive spot!I don’t even want to go through it so I am not even going to put – go through pile of papers – on my list.  So there ya have it!

The Celtic Knot Piece is the result of two very generous gifts of fabric to me from very different sources.  The fabric is vintage wool that is soft and beautiful.  The other pieces are a rich cotton.  Buttons and beads and yarn embellish.

I’ve been so productive!


Goal #1 – check!!!

This story is a fictionalization of an actual event in my life. Were were stranded in a snow blizzard one post Christmas visit to Marion, Indiana to visit Hazel. We did spend the night at a stranger’s house where we were warm and safe and dry! We got a Christmas card from that family for years.
While I am unsure about many of the details I do know it was the first time I knew my parents to be afraid and not in compete control.
It was a scary event. It was a blessed event.

And it is published.  Forward I go!


First Post!

My good friend, Kim’s, first blog post. I hope you will enjoy it as I have.

Spirit Writer

“Nothing real ca257c9a220fcbc728f4ce890fceebcae3n be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God.”

– A Course in Miracles

Oh! My first post.  I could develop a big old head of fear about this, you know the “False Evidence Appearing Real” that the ole ego says to you “You’re not ready! You’re not able! Give it up Sister!”  Well, bah, I say. I am ready.  I am more than able.  Give me a chance and watch me go. There are many reasons why I want to write this blog post.  But I think for me the most important one is to affirm myself in that special way that reading my own words does that nothing else seems to recreate, no matter what. Yay! What better way to begin January 1st, 2015? What I am also affirming is the fact that seven years ago I began a journey to find…

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Revision, Review and Projections



Reviewing and Planning
In one of the chapters of my life my friend, Joanie, and I spent a long lunch together soon after New Years and reviewed the past year so that our changes didn’t go unnoticed. The reviews were enlightening. I continue to do so although as a solo endeavor. 2014 was a busy year for me. A year of growth and taking risks that have proven beneficial.
Most recently I am grateful for:
My daughter’s clear margins
A delightful Christmas and Solstice celebration with lots of time with my families
Thanksgiving and a 30 pound well-cooked turkey
I am also grateful:
to all those who have assisted me, supported me, kicked my butt, loved and cried with me, laughed and played with me.
to any I have assisted in allowing me to befriend, mentor, support and love them.
to myself for the ever expanding self-awareness I grow into by looking at my dark and light sides by striving, more consciously, to be the best I can be in each moment. It’s not always an easy task but eventually is rewarding.
I am grateful for the gardens of spring and summer which provided beautiful, healthy food then and now. I love growing, processing and preserving food. Tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, peaches, zucchini, pumpkin, yellow squash, garlic, onions, cucumbers, broccoli, lettuce, kale, spinach, snap peas, peppers and parsley. And even a few raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. And two or three stalks of asparagus. Makes me want to get my hands in the dirt even now!
I am grateful for pulling out my short stories from ten or so years ago, reworking and editing them and stepping out to publish them on Amazon/Kindle. I am grateful to overcome any hurdles with getting my work “out there” which certainly gave me courage and momentum to start this blog. I am thrilled with the response and reactions. I am amazed at the new ideas and fabulous people and their creativity. I love the expanded communication possibilities.
I am grateful for a completed family memorabilia project I have mentioned in several blogs! It was a doozie of a project.
These projects in conjunction with the three Artist Way classes I hosted this year, my underlying goal came sneaking up on me. While finishing these and several other unfinished projects — the elephant in the room emerged. The elephant is an in-process novel called Friends that I started many years ago that keeps tapping me on the shoulder every so often. And since the unfinished projects are now finished many belabored excuses are no longer valid! DRAT! Funny how many elephants I saw while Christmas shopping.
So, I feel the hibernation time drawing close – the down time necessary for me to write the newest first draft of a new novel.
Friends was born from the desire to explore the relationships between mother and daughter, the emotional aspects of ovarian cancer, women’s connections through friendship, children and career. I wrote most of it after a dear friend of mine passed with ovarian cancer. However, story got too close, life took my attention away and I didn’t finish. Mostly, it became too personal. Now I have some distance although 2 years ago when I got this novel out another dear friend and then another were diagnosed.
I did use one of the chapters as one of the first short stories I published. Saving Roxee. Great story!
AND – the self-sabotage part (Chapter 5, the Artist’s Way)is that I had all of the text stored on 3 ¼ disks. Remember those? I remember the day and the actual decision to toss the box of beige plastic with clear lid because it had been so long since I used any of them why was I keeping them around and. . .yep, I tossed all the soft copy. I do have some of the original words in hard copy so I won’t be starting from scratch but close. It took me months to face up to what I had done. Now that I am fessing up, I will consider retyping as a first draft. This could be a long process!
Oh, hummm. I do have another shorter novel I want to finish too. It’s about a woman learning Reiki. Wonder if I should work on that first? Her name is Ruby Mayfield. And I don’t have an ending for the last short story I want to publish. Is this procrastination again? Or what?
Either way, I am on it.
I can readily locate the short story with no end, Ruby. But Friends is not where I thought. Oh my.
So before I start tearing through things here let me wish you all A blessed 2015. I wish you all a healthy, joyous and prosperous 2015 full of laughter and loving kindness. And organization!
Good grief. So, I guess I know which to work on! Do I have to reread Chapter 5?

Jan 2 – I found it!