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Cherry Pie and Peace

on November 6, 2014
Chakra Leaves

Chakra Leaves

We just completed week 7 of Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way. The first task asks readers to use the following phrase as a mantra for the week:  Treating myself like a precious object will make me strong.

Since hosting the Artist’s Way nearly 20 times I have learned self-care.  I do so some really nice things for myself.

I love a hot bubbly salt bath.

I buy lots of organic food.

I walk.

I go to NIA class well, almost every week.

I buy organic heavy whipping cream for my coffee.

I treat myself to raspberries.

I sew.

I write.

I just bought 4 pair of the most awesome socks.  I love new socks.

I read.  Right now I am devouring Sonja Choquette’s Walking Home about her pilgriamage on the Camino de Santiago which I have considered walking for several years and this spring seems to be the time as I know several others who are interested.  It’s getting to decision time!  It’s 500 miles and sleeping in unknown beds and not always having  coffee.

Today I have a “free” day.  I have no place to be and a day of open time.  So the things I have put off doing I can do and I can finish the next fabric piece and write this blog…  And I turned down lunch with two of my favorite people to allow myself this Susan Rea day.  Self-care.

I encourage you today to do something really nice for yourself.  Maybe it’s simply saying no, I can’t and being comfortable with your decision.  Maybe it’s eating a scoop of your favorite ice cream or baking one of the favorites from your childhood.  Maybe it’s listening to your favorite CD and dance around the dining room.

Do something special for YOU and feel good.    You ARE worth it. The world gets happier as each person gets happier. I believe the route to world peace is through individual inner peace. And maybe that’s through a piece of cherry pie with ice cream, or coconut cream.

4 responses to “Cherry Pie and Peace

    • Me too. I’ve read about it and thought about it. And if I am going to do it – seems like Spring is the time. I don’t know. . .I’ve done two 60 mile walks for Susan Komen – the 3-Day but 500 is a lot more!


  1. Leslie says:

    The cherry pie with ice cream may have to do me–or sea salt caramel gelato because every time I plan a me day (or pajama day, I call them) something comes up to interfere.


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