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Power to the People. Please vote.

on October 30, 2014

Women. Our ancestors fought for and protected our right to contribute politically. We are no longer voiceless chattel. We are worthy, articulate participants. Honor yourself and honor those women who sacrificed to give us our rights. VOTE.

My first husband’s Aunt Ethel voted in the first and in every subsequent election she was alive.
She recalled many times that her father thought it silly a woman should be a voter but her mother insisted on being taken to the polls along with Ethel, who was old enough. Ethel says her dad grumbled as he drove the team and wagon all the way from Pritchard to the courthouse in Wayne Co, WV, She says it was a celebration. The courthouse was decorated and those women who were brave enough to venture to the pools were joyful.

My other voter story is from years later when my dad was serving in the Army Air Corp. in WWII in North Africa. He voted absentee. Grandma Hazel, an independent woman of strong political opinion walked from 124 Northwestern Avenue to the courthouse in Marion, Ind through ankle deep snow and biting, freezing wind to cast her ballot. If I remember correctly a good couple of miles. Upon arrival she was told by the clerk that Gordon’s vote had just been counted. it was only on Gordon’s safe return from the war she learned that they cancelled each other’s vote. “I walked all that way through that awful snow only to have you cancel my vote,” she’d banter around the kitchen table discussion! I don’t remember who was the Roosevelt supporter.

I urge you to vote and let your voice be heard. It’s our right. It’s our responsibility. If you need polling information please connect to:

Oh, and I haven’t voted yet.  In Kentucky they only let us vote one time per person.  So I will cast my ballot on Tuesday.  I’m a little confused by the voted button I just posted here.


4 responses to “Power to the People. Please vote.

  1. Leslie says:

    I could hear all those voices as I was reading this: Ethel, Grandpa, Hazel, Gordon. Loved it. We have early voting here, but must of the time I wait until election day and go to my home voting place. I enjoy seeing my neighbors.


  2. amanda1mc says:

    Lovely story, as always! I have voted every time I could. The sense of responsibility and honor of what those women went through have always pushed me forward, even before I could really grasp it. Even though I may not be extremely pleased with all my options, we are so fortunate to have the option!


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