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Thoughts on Blogging

on July 4, 2014

Thoughts on blogging

Love is a verb

Love is a Verb

Blogging isn’t a project I come to with open arms. I wonder who wants to hear what I have to day. And yet, I have participated in this life for 46 years – almost, gulp, 65 and have witnessed many changes, asked many questions, turned down many answers. I come to this process as curious as ever, as confused, and as comfortable as ever.
This Almost Daily Thread will perhaps raise, or encourage, more questions as I always have questions. From the response to my first post I am encouraged and thrilled and, well, a bit shocked! So, here I go.
I sense I’ll write snippets from daily life that weave us together as earth inhabitants trying to make sense out of our purpose, unveil our personal mission and how best to walk through here.
I do believe we incarnate many times and I do believe this particular one is pivotal or monumental or has all the ingredients to create something different. I believe the brutality, violence, injustice and judgmental thinking has become rampant so we as individuals can decide purposefully to live our daily lives differently. In peace, compassing, and tolerance. More loving, kinder, more gently. Thus creating a grass roots web through which the undesirable behavior doesn’t fit – is not accepted.
I have always wanted Peace on Earth – for the world to feel every day the awesome still peace found briefly around Christmas when the material/baking/wrapping/decorating chaos is completed and we quiet ourselves to enjoy a birthing celebration of hope and joy. And we love one another. Oh…that we learn to expand those moments into a full day. A couple of days. A week? A month.
I find those moments with my grandchildren, my family and friends. In laughter and song (well, some of them!). In my own moments of stillness when I quiet myself enough to hear my true inner voice.
And it is upon these events I will muse and share with you.
Blessings to you in this most beautiful moment. Create from it what you will.
I personally am going to feel relief that I will to show up at my writer’s group which consists of Leigh and I with promised assignment! I am showing up on an overcast cool, spring morning having my second cup of coffee and grateful four of my grandchildren, who spent the night, slept long enough for me to complete this.
So not it’s off to feeding and entertaining. And in writing this, while I am being so transparent, honestly much of the pain and stiffness that often plaques my neck is relieved! So, for me, does procrastination become pain?
Hummm. Now there is another thread. . .

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